Science Innovation

Continued improvements to health outcomes will rely on innovation. AstraZeneca supports science, technology, engineering and math in an effort to inspire and equip the next generation of scientists with the knowledge and skills to be entrepreneurial problem-solvers.

Ontario Science Centre

The AstraZeneca Human Edge exhibition at the Ontario Science Centre explores the wonders and possibilities of the human body. This exhibition tells the stories of athletes, survival experts, extreme sports enthusiasts and others who have broken through the barriers of what was once thought possible — all while visitors are learning more about their amazing human bodies. The permanent exhibition reveals innovative and exciting science through more than 80 exhibits, providing visitors with immersive, bodies-on experiences and new perspectives on unique artifacts and content.

In addition to tourists and families who travel to the Ontario Science Centre, thousands of school children participate in educational programming in the AstraZeneca Human Edge Hall.

Youth Science Canada

Youth Science Canada (YSF) is the country’s leading organization for engaging and supporting young scientists. YSF is responsible for convening the Canada Wide Science Fair, the largest extra-curricular youth activity related to science and technology in Canada. Each year, 500 of Canada’s best young minds come together to showcase their projects. AstraZeneca is a proud supporter of the “Health Challenge” awards, which recognized the top projects in each age category that focused on solving a health-related problem or question. Recipients of the “Health Challenge” award have explored the effects of colloidal silver on antibiotics fighting e.coli and looked at novel mathematical models for ferromagnetic nanotherapy as a means to cure cancer. We are very proud to support a culture of scientific innovation in Canada and to nurture young people to keeping pushing the boundaries of scientific exploration.

Discovery Days in Science – Presented by AstraZeneca

The Canadian Medical Hall of Fame presents its Discovery Days in Science program at University campuses across Canada, giving secondary school students and teachers the opportunity to explore a variety of career options in medicine and the health sciences sector. For many participants, this experience helps to set them on a path to pursue post-secondary study in the health science sector.  Each year, some of our support is used to ensure students from very remote and rural communities can travel to participate in this event.

The ACT Foundation’s High School Training Program

We have been a proud supporter of the ACT Foundation’s High School CPR Training program since its inception in 1985. The High School CPR program is a leading example of the work community organizations are doing to increase healthcare capabilities in a sustainable way. Available in 80% of the high schools across Canada, the program has trained more than 3.2 million youth. We all know that Cardiac emergencies can happen anywhere, at any time. Once a young person is equipped with the knowledge and skills to respond in this kind of situation, they can save a life.

Earth Rangers

AstraZeneca volunteers have been volunteering with Earth Rangers for years, but recently, we grew our relationship to support the organization’s Mission Science DIY program.  Mission Science DIY encourages Earth Rangers Members and their families to take part in an environmentally-themed science project focused on making their own homemade items. By experimenting with different types of products and chemicals that can be found in the home, Science DIY provides young people with a tangible activity that brings science to life by transforming everyday items into useful household products.